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Thank You Helen

Helen DeVos was a beautiful woman inside and out. She had a genuine love for children and especially wanted to ensure they were able to maintain their childhood and be happy as they went through their medical journey.

She held a special place in her heart for the Child Life Program and our team of child life specialists who work so closely with our children and their families.

Helen served as a source of inspiration throughout Helen DeVos Children's Hospital for staff and especially the families.

Each year at Christmas, Helen would bring her grandchildren to the hospital bringing cheer to children and families who were away from home and faced with difficult medical situations. Helen would read to the children and she instilled in her children and grandchildren the love of giving yourself to others.

 Her grace, love and joy were and will continue to be cherished. 

Gifts made in memory of Helen DeVos will help fund the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital School Teacher Program