A Partnership Promoting Health and Well-Being

Tamarac Memberships Help Improve Every Aspect of Health

Fremont Area Community Foundation and Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital share a common vision of improving the health of the communities they serve. Thanks to a community foundation grant to Tamarac, a Spectrum Health fitness and wellness facility in Fremont, they are treating the whole person by providing access to wellness education, in addition to fitness training.

In 1933, two visionary philanthropists laid the groundwork for what would become Fremont Area Community Foundation. Since 1972, the foundation has been giving back to thousands of Newago County residents. The foundation identifies five areas of focus: education, community and economic development, natural resources, nonprofit  sustainability, and poverty to prosperity. “Rural areas with low levels of educational attainment experience higher rates of poverty and unemployment,” said Carla  Roberts, president and CEO of Fremont Area Community Foundation. “Wellness and access to care are part of the educational process, because a healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. Tamarac is a great partner because its offerings go beyond exercise. It provides the opportunity to learn about a more holistic approach to health. This grant provides access to Tamarac membership for residents who would not otherwise be able to take advantage of this resource and includes the option of a personal trainer to guide their wellness journey.”

For Jasen Routley, the funding allows him a membership and personal training close to home. He can develop and maintain the necessary strength to remain living independently—something that was uncertain 11 years ago when he was paralyzed in an ATV accident. “After the accident, I was driving to Grand Rapids two times a week and I simply couldn’t afford to continue,” said Jasen. “My workouts here are three days each week and help me maintain strength and improve my quality of life. I am able to drive my vehicle, which gives me the ability to enjoy a variety of activities with my son.” Jasen co-manages and runs a boat rental service on Fremont Lake and enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. “I am thankful for everything Spectrum Health, Tamarac and the Fremont Area Community Foundation do or me and my family.”

Joshua Gustafson, director of community health for Tamarac, and Carla agree Tamarac is more than a gym. “We believe fitness is only one of the factors contributing to overall health improvement,” said Josh. “We help people improve each aspect of their health while empowering and educating them along the way.” Tamarac is a great example that health and well-being are essential to overall health improvement