Heart & Vascular

What Is Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular disease is any disease process that affects the heart or vascular arteries in the body. Statistics show that cardiovascular disease is America's leading health problem, and the leading cause of death.

Caring for Your Heart and Vascular System

Spectrum Health heart and vascular care experts deliver world-class care that's straight from the heart. Our cardiologists are your first contact to get the right diagnosis and expert recommendations for your heart or vascular symptoms. A cardiologist will:

  • Evaluate your heart and circulatory health
  • Identify your potential heart and vascular health risks
  • Recommend treatment or lifestyle changes to prevent or reduce your risk
  • Diagnose heart or vascular defects, illness or disease
  • Analyze and manage your "lipid profile"—compounds in your blood such as cholesterol
  • Perform specialized tests to further investigate potential problems
  • Treat your condition after diagnosis

To make an appointment or request a second opinion, contact a Spectrum Health cardiologist or call 616.391.5999.

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