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Infant Car Seat Safety Class

Infant Car Seat Safety Class


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6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


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616.267.2626 option 4

A properly installed car seat can reduce the risk of death by nearly 71 percent.

But, it’s complicated! While the engineers go crazy seeking the safest design for car seats, parents (new and experienced!) go equally crazy trying to figure out how they work. As a result:

  • 90 percent of our kids are improperly secured while on the road.
  • Car accidents are the leading cause of death and injury to young kids.

Become a pro. This session is perfect for expectant parents shopping for the right car seat. It’s also great even if this isn’t your first time around the block as a parent. Bring your infant car seat if you already have it (if not, no worries, come without it). Join our hands-on event and learn the following from our child safety experts:

  • How all those buckles and straps really work and what they do
  • How to properly install the seat in the car
  • How to properly secure your baby or child in the seat
  • Answers to your questions about transporting your precious cargo

Download a prenatal education class offerings brochure (PDF, 552KB)

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This is a free class, but reservations are required. Call 616.267.2626, option 4 or toll-free 877.495.2626, option 4 to register by phone.