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Good Start - Nutrition Exercise and Your Pregnancy

Good Start: Nutrition Exercise and Your Pregnancy


Tuesday, February 21


6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


$10 per couple

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616.267.2626, option 4

Pregnancy is the perfect time to get your baby and your growing family off to a healthy start. This class discusses the importance of good nutrition and the benefits of physical activity during pregnancy and after delivery. Support partners are encouraged to attend as well. Led by a registered dietitian and exercise specialist, this class will share great information on topics like:

  • How does exercise during pregnancy affect my baby?
  • How should I eat to have a healthy pregnancy and baby?
  • How does tummy time help my baby’s brain develop?
  • What foods are best for my baby before and after delivery?
  • What foods do I need to avoid during pregnancy?

Download a prenatal education class offerings brochure (PDF, 552KB)

Registration Information
There is a $10.00 fee per couple for this class and registration is required.  To register by phone please call 616.267.2626 option 4 or toll free 877.495.2626, option 4.